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The first generation of artificial leather, PVC leather, once had a market share of 100%. After the emergence of PU leather, the market share gradually decreased, with 45% and 55% respectively. In recent years, organosilicon leather has gradually occupied part of the market of original man-made leather. In fact, the silicone leather industry has just started. As the sunrise product of artificial leather, organic silicone leather will gradually increase its market share after improvement and cost reduction in the future.

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Organic silicone  is widely used in leather industry due to its unique and excellent properties such as softness, smoothness and low surface tension. It is a promising material for manufacturing functional auxiliaries such as leather tanning agent, fatliquor, finishing agent, hand feeling agent and smoothing agent. The leather treated with organic silicon can endow leather with many new characteristics, such as water repellency, softness, wear resistance, aging resistance, smoothness, etc., on the basis of retaining its permeability, and extend the service life of leather.

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Environmentally friendly silicone leather can be used in a variety of scenarios, such as indoor furniture, outdoor furniture, yachts and boats, upholstery, car interior, public facilities, sporting goods, 3C electronics and consumer goods, medical devices and other fields, fully meeting the product's requirements for performance, reliability, safety and aesthetics.