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In the fashion design industry, leather is recognized as a high-grade fabric, leather comfortable feel, natural affinity with human skin, and unique natural beauty, texture sense, cold insulation style is full of changes; The softness of leather is high simple sense, accord with the vogue of urban beauty people savour and pursuit, obtained the attention of more and more stylist.

U-MEET special launched a new functional environmental protection silicone leather, as elegant and luxurious as leather, comfort, soft touch and leather is also very similar, but it will be more convenient to maintain.

Leather products are widely used in the field of fashion, leather fashion, bags, shoes, leather jewelry, harness and so on. You can see the leather.

Leather bag
In leather goods, the leather bag is the most common sheet is tasted, since the indispensable article in daily life, it is fashionable adornment and dress suitable, it is one of the favorite of fashionable bound, the flexibility of leather material pledges lets its very durable, fashionable classic is practical.
Silicone leather can be waterproof, moisture-proof, not easy to deform, easy to clean and take care of, so the bag made of it has become a popular single product.

Leather shoes
Everybody should have a pair of good shoes, because this pair of good shoes, will take you to a beautiful place, and a pair of good shoes, is to become the first condition of ladies, the characteristic of leather shoes is breathable, moisture absorption, has a good health performance, is the highest grade in all kinds of shoe boots shoes, leather shoes has become everyone's favorite a footwear, become one of the commodities to beautify people's life, In the clothing category to become a "pivotal" product.
Leather sports shoes, leather and suede upper design, not only continue the appearance of sports shoes, but also create daily casual shoes, more and more brands began to pay attention to environmental protection and sustainable development, with silicone leather to reinterpret classic sports shoes.

Leather accessories
Leather acts the role of article also more and more get the welcome of people, leather adornment can be seen everywhere, diversified leather sample is more enriched people "walk" life.
- the purse
As the most important small bag in People's Daily life, the leather wallet is the most common, although people are gradually accustomed to online payment will inevitably need a variety of card bags.


- the belt
Leather belt is not only a functional necessities, nowadays the belt has become a fashion single used to match clothing, become the "finishing touch" in daily wear.

- Watch band
Most of the high-end watches are leather strap, light and advanced texture, leather wrist brings a kind of elegant, noble feeling, suitable for all kinds of occasions to wear.

Sustainable Fashion in recent years repeatedly hot search, many Fashion brands also advocate no longer use exotic leather, Mexican entrepreneurs are developed cactus leather, renewable artificial leather is also more and more, silicone leather is applied to the Fashion field, will hold up a day in the Fashion industry in the future.