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Where is organic silicon leather good?

Silicone leather is based on cloth, coated with 100% baby silicone; It is a kind of synthetic leather that looks and feels like genuine leather and can be used instead.

U-meet's functional environmentally friendly silicone leather has the most similar appearance and effect to genuine leather, and its thickness uniformity, tear strength, color brilliance and leather surface utilization are better than natural leather, which has become the development direction of contemporary synthetic leather. Excellent performance, environmental protection non-toxic, high utilization rate.

Environmental protection
silicone leather 6 advantages:
1: peel strength
Thickness 0.5-1.5mm, silicone material, strength, tear resistance, peeling force is higher than the same type of material with the same specification;

2: full skin lines
Special coating process, full skin texture, soft and elastic feel;

3: Stable physical performance
The surface has good scratch resistance, wear resistance, resistance to cosmetics, hydrolysis resistance, good durability;

4: stable size, good shape
Good molding letter and dimensional stability to make cutting molding precision better, more stable product size;

5: Upgrade antifouling treatment, American standard flame retardant function added
Antifouling and flame retardant functions make your daily care easier and safer;

6: environmental performance
Meet eu environmental requirements

Silicone leather is not only environmentally friendly, but also can meet the needs of various scenarios, such as outdoor furniture, yacht, flexible packaging decoration, car interior, public facilities, sporting goods, medical equipment and other fields.
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