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Leather and silicone leather temperature resistance who bett

Leather in the process of cleaning, ironing and drying, if more than a certain temperature, leather will produce irreversible deformation and shrinkage, the temperature of shrinkage is called shrinkage temperature, which is a kind of super-shrinkage phenomenon, also known as the thermal denaturation of leather. Generally, the temperature allowed by collagen is 40T. If it exceeds 65T or so, the dermis will shrink to 1/3 of its original length. In the tanning process, the temperature of tanning liquid is generally 25 ~ 30T at the beginning of tanning, and then gradually increased.

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Depending on the tanning method of animal skin, the temperature can be raised to 40T at the end of tanning time. Chrome tanning has the highest temperature of all tanning methods, with a maximum temperature of 60T. Tanning temperature should not be too high is determined by the nature of the animal skin, the higher the temperature, the more severe deformation, the animal leather will be "cooked" completely damaged. This is the basic reason why leather clothing and fur clothing are suitable for low temperature washing, low temperature drying, low temperature mat ironing, and also the basic reason why animal leather dye color fastness is very poor. Therefore, it is necessary to develop an organic silicon leather with high and low temperature resistance and excellent color fastness.

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The basic structural unit of organosilicon products is composed of silicon-oxygen chain joints, and side chains are connected to various other organic groups through silicon atoms. Therefore, the structure of organosilicon products contains both "organic group" and "inorganic structure", this special composition and molecular structure makes it set the characteristics of organic matter and inorganic function in one. Compared with other polymer materials, the most outstanding performance of silicone products is: temperature resistance, weather resistance, electrical insulation and biological properties.

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In addition, UMEET silicone leather has excellent flame retardant, although the use of flame retardant has played a very good role in fire retardant, but many recent studies show that the abuse of chemical flame retardant has caused serious water and environmental pollution, but also threatens human health. We refuse to use flame retardants and do not add any flame retardants. We easily pass the following flame retardants test: