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Difference between silicone leather and PU, PVC and genuine leather

Silicone leather is waterproof, breathable and permeable. Silicone leather is characterized by environmental protection.

Silicone leather, is a combination of microfiber and new materials and other substrates, processing and preparation, raw material is silica gel, suitable for a variety of industrial applications. It is a new kind of environmental protection and zero pollution synthetic leather material.


Organic silicon leather

Silicone leather: no harmful gas release, clean combustion process without odor.


Genuine leather:

Dermis: combustion itself is no harmful gas, but the use of a large number of aniline dyes, chromium salts and other chemical reagents in the process of dermis processing, combustion process will release nitrogen compounds (nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide), sulfur dioxide and other harmful irritant gas, and dermis easy to chap.


The PU leather:

PU leather: Combustion will produce hydrogen cyanide, carbon monoxide, ammonia, nitrogen compounds (nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, etc.) and some other harmful irritant plastic gases

PVC leather:

PVC leather: Combustion process and production process will produce dioxins, hydrogen chloride. Dioxins and hydrogen chloride are highly toxic substances that can cause cancer and other diseases and produce pungent plastic odors. (The main odor comes from solvents, finishing agents, fat-adding agents, plasticizers and mildew preventers, etc.)