Commercial Market_Silicone leather fabric global eco leather vegan l
Silicone leather fabric global eco leather vegan l

Silicone Leather

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Furniture sofa leather

Product details

Silicone leather for furniture

Silicone leather factory

Daily production capacity:1500-25000M

Silicone leather factory
Silicone leather production line

This is a complete system for producing silicone leather,
If you need a different requirement;
we can also change it for you .

  • Production capacity

  • quality of the product

  • efficiency of delivery

  • Custom capacity

  • Custom color

Silicone leather production line

Production capacity——300-500 m/h

The production capacity can be met

Quality inspection of silicone leather products

quality of the product

product pass rate is 98%

Multiple process detection to ensure product quality

Silicone leather cut

efficiency of delivery——Duration: 2-3 days

We do well in each product and improve the delivery efficiency

Silicone leather thickness measurement

Base cloth and texture


Light blue silicone leather
Silicone leather color card sample

Custom color

Pantone color cards can be customized

silicone leather

UMEET Silicone leather quality inspection

It has the characteristics of scratch resistance and high temperature resistance, beautiful structure and stability.

Can pass environmental protection test

After a number of procedures testing.

Silicone leather waterproof test

Silicone leather waterproof test

High temperature resistance -50℃ ~ +250℃
OeExclent waterproof performance

Silicone leather easy cleaning test

Silicone leather easy cleaning test

Dirt is easy to clean
It can be wiped clean with a paper towel

Elastic test of silicone leather

Pull up without deformation

Excellent flexibility


Wear resistance test of silicone leather

Passed Taber 1000 cycle test

Put the silicone leather into the 1KG roller for 4000 cycles, no cracks or wear on the leather surface.

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Turned-up Bottle Sterilizer

Silicone leather ROHS testing

Silicone leather through ROHS detection, does not contain lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls and polybrominated diphenyl ethers a total of 6 substances content; In line with the relevant safety test, passed the FDA food-grade test, to ensure product safety, environmental protection, there is no high temperature volatilization of low molecular or harmful substances may be released

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Silicone leather factory


Juice Filling Mahine

Silicone leather factory

Juice Filling Mahine Rinsing Parts

Silicone leather factory

Juice Filling Mahine Filling Parts

Silicone leather R & D room

Juice Filling Mahine Capping Parts

Siliconel leather workshop

Factory perspective

Aspetic Juice Filling Machine

This is the factory perspective of umeet, to bring you to know us.

Main characters:

1.Main production lines.

2.Product testing line.

3.The research and development.