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Silicone Leather

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outdoor furniture

Silicone leather product details

This is a silicone leather for outdoor furniturer,

We can customize according to your requirements .

Silicone furniture leather

Application of silicone leather in outdoor furniture

Silicone furniture leather

Application of silicone leather in outdoor furniture
  • Indoor furniture

  • Silicone leather Sofa

  • Silicone leather chair

Indoor furniture

Indoor furniture

Antifouling and easy to clean

Indoor furniture
Silicone leather Sofa

Silicone leather Sofa

Soft material

We can provide you with customized services, whether it is color or texture, you can customize it

Silicone leather chair

Silicone leather chair


Use high quality materials.

Light resistant, UV resistant, long service life

How is silicone leather produced?

We use environmentally friendly materials to make silicone leather

silicone leather

We can be seen in different fields.

Because we are the future needs.

Silicone leather raw materials

Process part

First of all, our environmental protection.
Made from the materials of baby products.
Meticulous attitude in production.

Silicone leather

Filling Part

100% FDA.

Silicone leather

High quality performance

1.Low temperature resistance,
2.High temperature resistance
3.Waterproof and anti-fouling
4. Anti-aging

Other advantages

UV resistance fusion of excellent weather and light resistance.

tender&smooth feel leather, good scratch and abrasion resistance

Silicone has strong flame-resistant properties, easily reaching the VO grade testing

High temperature resistant silicone leather

More product

Silicone leather for medical instruments

Silicone leather

silicone vegan leather