What is the difference between silicone leather car seats and leather car seats?_Silicone leather fabric global eco leather vegan l
Silicone leather fabric global eco leather vegan l

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In terms of appearance and feel, there is almost no difference between car seats made of silicone leather and those made of leather. The texture and touch may be better.

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Silicone leather feels comfortable, plump and soft, with good resilience and a certain warmth. When the fingers press the skin, there will be small wrinkles on the surface. When the fingers lift up, the wrinkles will disappear immediately. Organosilicon leather eco-friendly car seats look no different from leather car seats. Silicone leather also has excellent wear resistance. Compared with other artificial leather, silicone leather products will not be easily damaged even if sharp objects such as scissors are used to scrape them.

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Silicone leather car seats made of silicone materials are more durable than leather car seats. The organic silicon raw material does not contain any toxic solvent and is naturally bonded with the base material without using any adhesive. It complies with strict VOC emission standards, effectively reducing the odor in the vehicle, and is safe and harmless. The abrasion resistance and scratch resistance of silicone leather car seats are better than those of leather car seats, and the environmental protection of silicone leather is more suitable for the development of the times.

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