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      Environmental protection and health has been widely recognized and highly concerned by all sectors of society. To promote development in the new era, we must unswervingly implement the new vision of innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared development, take low-carbon and environmental protection as the fundamental principle of modern industrial development, and promote high-quality economic development.
      Organic silicon leather is the industry emerging in the development trend of environmental protection and health leather. For a long time, people have been looking for a functional leather that is both environmentally friendly and durable.
      That option is now available at Umeet, which has innovatively coated the silicone material used in baby pacifiers on a variety of eco-friendly substrates. Different from the traditional PU and PVC leather, which need to add various chemical additives to improve the feel, wear resistance, weather resistance and other properties, "Umeet" has abandoned the use of various chemical additives from the beginning of the design. In addition to high safety factor and no sensitization, "Umeet" leather also provides a delicate feel, such as leather. At the same time, it has many natural advantages in hydrolysis resistance, high temperature resistance, UV aging resistance, flame retardancy, easy cleaning, chemical resistance and other aspects compared with the conventional leather on the market.
      Starting from 2020, the market application prospect of environmentally friendly silicone leather is opening. Silicone leather is widely used in outdoor furniture, yachts, ships, suitcases, clothing, car interiors, public facilities, sports goods, baby industry, medical equipment, electronic products and other fields because of its inherent flame retardant, environmental protection and other performance advantages.
      "Umeet" as the pioneer of 100% high performance silicone leather. With its innovative technology, it maximizes the superior performance of leather texture and silicone, thereby redefining highly functional fabrics. From the very beginning, we have been committed to providing the world with safe and environmentally friendly, sustainable, anti-fouling and waterproof, easy to clean, wear-resistant and durable, flame retardant, weather resistance and other properties of fabric solutions, to make a contribution to people's more comfortable and environmentally friendly home life and health, to make a contribution to the harmony between human and the earth.