Silicone leather may become the future trend of 3C field_Silicone leather fabric global eco leather vegan l
Silicone leather fabric global eco leather vegan l

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Recently, there has been a new wave in the 3C field, with major mobile phone manufacturers competing to put silicone leather fabric into the manufacturing of high-end flagship models. After Xiaomi 12S Ultra uses silicone leather to impact high-end mobile phones, the iQOO 10 series of VIVO uses light-colored silicone leather for the first time.

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It is more antifouling and anti-aging, taking into account beauty, texture and hand feeling, and adding a sense of security. The continuous upgrading of demand and the fierce competition of materials have led to Huawei, OPPO, Samsung, Lenovo, Hongmi, Glory and other brands coming into use.

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As the preferred royal leather fabric for many super sports cars, luxury yachts and private airplanes, the noble nature of silicone leather coincides with the goal of domestic mobile phones to hit the high-end. At present, the reason why silicone leather is widely used in 3C field is mainly based on its advanced texture, excellent performance and low-carbon green environmental protection properties.

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In the production process of organosilicon leather, no toxic chemical products are used. The leather produced in this way is environmentally friendly and harmless, and will not emit odor to affect the air environment. It also has outstanding performance in wear resistance, high and low temperature resistance.