What is the best choice for car interior_Silicone leather fabric global eco leather vegan l
Silicone leather fabric global eco leather vegan l

Silicone Leather

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As automotive interior leather, it must have the following properties: light resistance, heat and humidity resistance, color fastness to rubbing, abrasion resistance, flame resistance, tensile strength, tear strength, and sewing strength. As car owners still have expectations for leather, the factors such as hand feel, durability, softness, stain resistance, and easy cleaning need to be taken into account. At the same time, attention should also be paid to the VOC odor that is invisible and harmful to human body.

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Common seat covering leather material


1. PVC leather


PVC artificial leather is the earliest seat covering material invented and applied. PVC artificial leather, also known as PVC coated fabric, is a material formed by mixing and coating PVC powder, plasticizer and additives on the base cloth. At present, the common production processes of PVC artificial leather include calendering and coating

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2. Microfiber leather


Superfiber leather is a new material rising with the development of textile technology. The surface layer of the superfiber leather is a thin layer of polyurethane, and the bottom layer is the base material prepared by using ultra-fine fiber non-woven fabric through immersion polyurethane.

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3. Leather


The leather that is really peeled off from animals is the real leather after a series of physical, mechanical and chemical treatments. Obviously, its cost is much higher than that of artificial leather. The most used leather in cars is the first layer of cow leather or the second layer of cow leather. A full-leather seat, and the cost of bare leather is at least thousands or even tens of thousands,


4: Silicone leather


The food-grade organosilicon material is coated on the precision release material, and the transfer compound is coated on the substrate, microfiber and other substrates. The surface layer is coated with 100% organosilicon material, and the bottom layer is various substrates. Organic silicon material is an environmental protection material, tasteless and non-toxic, with excellent weather resistance, abrasion resistance, oxidation resistance, hydrolysis resistance and aging resistance, high temperature resistance and UV resistance, strong compatibility and chemical heat curing stability.

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