How to choose high grade organic silicon leather?_Silicone leather fabric global eco leather vegan l
Silicone leather fabric global eco leather vegan l

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How to choose high grade organic silicon leather?

As we all know, silicone leather has excellent performance, such as long service life, never fade, no maintenance, excellent high and low temperature resistance, silicone rubber can be used in -60℃~200℃ for a long time, and maintain good performance, no odor. It is the best choice for preparing automotive interior leather and can avoid the harmful odor produced by polyurethane leather at high temperature. So, how do we choose good silicone leather?

One, from the batch

The batch of
silicone leather with poor material is unstable, which is mainly reflected in two aspects:

1. Wear resistance is unstable

The wear resistance between batches is not the same, it is more likely to cause wear phenomenon, even with nails can be scraped.

2. The color difference value deviation is too large, the naked eye is easy to distinguish different batches of products

The application of seat sofa system: for example, the hotel sofa seats use different batches of leather, if the color difference is relatively large, it is easy to show different colors of different seats, and thus affect the product image and quality.

Second, the smell

Good silicone leather does not have any smell, not authentic silicone leather due to surface treatment solvent volatilization lead to a large smell.

Three, touch

The poor silicone leather has strong plastic feeling, the material looks like plastic and is relatively stiff. The whole product feels low-end, while the good silicone leather is more soft and comfortable, feels slightly slippery, and brings you a skin-friendly touch.

Four, easy to touch ash

Silica gel material itself is easy to touch ash, and its own electrostatic property is strong, poor quality silicone leather is more likely to touch ash. For example, in the fabric industry in contact with the skin, if the use of poor quality silicone leather is easy to stain with dust, and may cause health problems in use.

Five, sewing processing is difficult

Sewing processing is difficult, if the choice of silicone leather base cloth is poor, it may lead to the overall strength is not enough, and then affect sewing, etc.

The above is the selection of
silicone leather, have you learned?