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Antibacterial silicone leather helps to create a safe car

After long-term use of the car, there will be many bacteria and viruses left in the car, in the handle, handrail, window, door handle and other parts may also be stained with bacteria or virus sweat, causing pollution in the car. The main harm of bacteria to the human body is to cause infection. When pathogenic bacteria invade the human body and multiply in large numbers, it will cause infection, fever and other reactions, making people sick.

Under the epidemic situation, to ensure the safety and health of vehicles, antibacterial and environmental protection of interior leather is particularly important.

Antibacterial silicone leather can effectively prevent bacteria and germs from breeding in the car, ensure the health and safety of the car, but also has good pollution resistance, scratch resistance, weather resistance, ecological environmental protection, high quality and stability, to ensure the health and safety of consumers.

U-MEET leather launched the antibacterial silicone leather can be widely used in leather shoes, leather bags, leather clothes, leather sofa, leather seats and so on, will bring great benefits to the application enterprises, prevent leather products mildew, prolong the service life; Prevent the breeding of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms to promote human health.