Seats are usually covered with leather material_Silicone leather fabric global eco leather vegan l
Silicone leather fabric global eco leather vegan l

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Seats are usually covered with leather material

As automotive interior leather, it must have the following properties: light resistance, heat resistance, color fastness to friction, resistance to friction damage, flame retardant, tensile strength, tear strength, sewing strength. Because the owner of leather and expectations, so feel, durability, softness, stain resistance, easy to clean and other factors need to be considered. At the same time, the invisible harm to the human body VOC odor also need to pay attention to.

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Seats are usually covered with leather material
1. PVC leather
PVC artificial leather is the earliest seat coating material invented and applied. PVC artificial leather, also known as PVC coated fabric, is a material formed by mixing PVC powder, plasticizer and additives and coating on the base cloth. At present, PVC artificial leather commonly used production process calendering and coating method

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2. Microfiber leather
Microfiber leather is a new material developed with the development of textile technology. The surface layer of microfiber leather is a thin polyurethane layer, and the bottom layer is made of microfiber non-woven fabric containing polyurethane substrate.

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3. The real leather
Real skin peel by animals, after a series of physical and chemical processing leather is made of real leather, obviously its cost is much higher than that of artificial leather, car use most is the first layer leather or second leather, a full leather seats, light leather at least also have thousands or even tens of thousands of cost,

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4: silicone leather
The food grade silicone material is coated on the precision release material, and the transfer composite is coated on the substrate, microfiber and other substrates. The surface layer is coated with 100% silicone material, and the bottom layer is all kinds of substrate. Organic silicon material, is a kind of environmental protection material, tasteless and non-toxic, has excellent weather resistance, wear resistance, oxidation resistance and hydrolysis resistance and anti-aging, high temperature resistance UV resistance, strong compatibility and chemical thermal curing stability.

silicone leather

Silicone leather not only looks and feels like natural leather, but also has stronger physical properties than leather. Therefore, silicone leather is now commonly used to replace leather used in car seats.